1. Is the carbon fiber on the hood dampers real or a sticker?

The carbon fiber on the Endura-Tech hood dampers is a real carbon fiber cylinder that slides over the gas strut.

2. Will the attachments on the Endura-Tech carbon fiber hood dampers rust?

The attachments on both ends of the hood struts have received an anti-corrosion treatment. So rusting should not be a concern. The only time rust may occur is if the installer uses a washer with the ball joint (Endura-Tech does not pack a washer with the kit, so please do not use one).

3. What kind of warranty do the Endura-Tech Carbon fiber hood struts have?

The Endura-Tech hood dampers have a 10,000 cycle warranty (which is the equivalent to opening and shuting your hood 5000 times)or two years, which ever comes first.

4. Why are Endura-Tech carbon fiber hood dampers more expensive than the other brands in the market.

The reason for the higher price is because of the quality. Not only do they come with the 10,000 cylce warranty, they are also a twin sealed damper. So if the first seal was to ever dry up and allow for foreign material to pass the seal, the second seal will prevent further travel of the debris.