1. Why are Endura-Tech Coilovers twin tube and not mono-tube?

Our most coilovers use mainly a twin tube structure because it allows for a larger range of hard and soft setting in the 10 way-rebound adjustability. This will provide a better ride for a given level of control. In contrast, a mono tube structure allows for finer damper adjustment but will have a smaller damping range. However, the Endura-Tech offers the 15 way-rebound and compression adjustability mono tube structure product for Subaru WRX STi and Mitsubishi Evo X version for a racing oriented user for a better performance on the tarmac race course.

2. What are the piston diameters of the Endura-Tech coilovers?

The answer to this question varies between applications. The piston diameters will vary between 30mm and 32mm.

3. Are the Endura-Tech coilovers rebound and compression adjustable?

The Endura-Tech Twin Tube Coilovers are with rebound adjustability only. However, there is a slight change in the compression characteristics when the rebound is adjusted, there just is no dial to change the compression side. The Endura-Tech Mono Tube Coilovers are with both 15 way rebound and 15 way compression adjustability. The compression side is not changed a lot but still you can adjust it by rotating the knob at the bottom of the damper.

4. What is the pillow ball mount on the Endura-Tech coilovers made from?

The pillow ball mount is an aluminum 52S material, which is processed with alumite for anti-corrosion purposes.

5. What kind of warranty do the Endura-Tech coilovers carry?

Endura-Tech Twin Tube Coilovers offer a limited warranty against manufacturing material defects for one-year or 12,000 miles, which ever comes first. Endura-Tech Mono Tube Coilovers offer a limited warranty against the same for six months or 6,000 miles, which ever comes first. The warranty is only valid with the original purchaser and non transferable. Rust, as it will occur over time, is not a manufacturing material defects.

6. What measurements has Endura-Tech taken to prevent rust on the coilovers?

All coilovers will rust with time; it is inevitable as it is constantly undergoing extreme weather conditions under the car as well as abuse such as rock chips. To help prevent rust, all hardware used in the manufacturing of the coilovers has either received an anti-corrosion process or are stainless steel. The shock bodies of our coilovers have also received an anti-corrosion treatment.

7. Setting Up your Endura-Tech Coilovers

When setting up your new Endura-Tech coilovers, it is imperative that you do the following two steps after you have had them installed. 1. Get a proper alignment and... 2. Get it corner balanced! To fully understand and appreciate the complete capabilities of your Endura-Tech coilovers, these two factors play a big role in the feel, handling and performance of your ride. If the shop that you had installed them does not do alignment and corner balancing, then ask them who they would recommend for this job, it is very important to have this done.