1. How do your valve springs differ from other valve spring manufacturers?

Endura-Tech springs are different because we work directly with the steel mill and drawing company to create a material that is consistently clean and durable.

2. Why are Endura-Tech valve springs more durable than your competitors?

Because of our manufacturing process. The moment the spring is finished being coiled, every step to the packaging procedure is hands on. From our chamfering to our shot peening and advanced heat treatments, Endura-Tech valve springs are made from the same material every time. Other spring manufacturers have materials that differ in composition every batch, this inconsistency causes the end user different results from your previous batch of valve springs.

3. What makes Endura-Tech valve springs cleaner than others are?

Endura-Tech springs are cleaner because we use the world's finest steel, which has fewer inclusions than other spring manufacturer materials. With Endura-Tech your benefit is a precision made spring with fewer inclusions decreasing your chances of spring failure and increasing your chances for victory.

4. What are Endura-Tech's standard valve spring parts?

Our standard parts are listed on our website and can be found under our product icon for valve springs. All of our standard sets are for high performance applications and should not be used for street driving applications. Call for pricing.

5. Why are Endura-Tech valve springs expensive?

Why would you spend thousands of hard earned dollars on a performance engine and then put inexpensive springs / equipment in it? Spending a few extra dollars for quality and assurance is worth the investment. Professional race teams trust us, so can you.

6. How soon will I receive Endura-Tech standard parts?

If the parts are available, you should receive them within five working days of your purchase order request (International deliveries will take a few days longer). However, if parts are unavailable, you will be informed of the expected shipping date with in five working days of your purchase order.

7. What is Endura-Tech's return policy?

Our return policy states that no returns are accepted unless you have been authorized and given a return approval number. Endura-Tech springs are a premium high performance spring and should only be used for endurance applications. Endura-Tech is not responsible for any damages that may occur to car or the operator within.