Endura System

The mature and stable application system has been applied to different application scenarios, from the location data of the application scene to the BI analysis platform in the background, so that the location information is more comprehensive and more accurate.

Precision positioning navigation system

No need to develop, direct use, suitable for WeChat, various applications. Search for cars, navigation, shop search, find people navigation accuracy up to 1 meter

Personnel management system

Intelligent scheduling, area warning, trajectory playback, accurate personnel security control, scheduling, high-precision technology Fusion, rich application scenes

BI Big Data System

LBS behavior data integration complementary, precise visualization of data models and reports, perfect user accurate portraits. Multiple Fusion and Complementarity of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Probe Data

Smart Hardware

There's always a device that fits perfectly into your project.

  • CloudBeacon 2.0
    Ultra-sensitive Bluetooth sniffing, adding a fully covered antenna to make accuracy more accurate
  • Endura Yun-CloudBeacon
    The first Bluetooth gateway in the country that can manage multiple surroundings at the same time Beacon
  • Smart Beacon
    Super endurance, installation and replacement more convenient
  • Max Beacon
    Super long standby, easy and secure installation methods
  • Mini Beacon
    USB power supply, plug and play

Wearable Equipment

Every innovation needs to break the rules, be different, get unexpected results, be precise in real time.

  • Endura one
    Smart Tour, Track Playback, Check-in Attendance
  • Endura H1
    One click for help, area alarm, trajectory playback.
  • B-Tag
    Exhibition artifacts, compact easy to carry
  • Smart Chest
    Locate, trace, sign in for full service
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